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Gyoza – Japanese Dumplings

My family just loves gyoza! We have grown very fond of these little yummies living here in Japan. They can be found at most restaurants and they are so good and so…

Roasted Chickpeas

I recently discovered chickpeas. Say what! Yes, I recently discovered chickpeas. Yes, I'm totally aware I'm late to the party. I've always only eaten them in hummus or as-is but boy are…

Turkey Kielbasa Foil Dinner

It doesn’t make any sense for dinner to be this easy and delicious!! If you have some aluminum foil and a few ingredients you’re in business and on you’re way to an amazing dinner in less than 30 minutes.

Welcome to Edifying Edibles!

Hi, I'm Christina! I'm a Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, and lover of all things avocado! On this site you will find delicious recipes to share with your loved ones and Christian devotions that will encourage you to keep on keeping on in your Christian walk. I hope you find this site useful to your belly and your soul! Thank you for stopping by!

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A Verse to Chew On!



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The Cure for Worry

“Offer up your prayers and requests to God.” Phillipians 4:6…

Every morning, without fail, as soon as I opened my eyes I would check my phone. Check my email, texts, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Everyday……..without fail. It wasn’t until one day as I was scrolling through my news feed the Lord spoke to my heart a scripture in Matthew that woke me up to the truth of this bad habit.

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